Program Overview

Ergonomics is concerned with the fit between people and their technological tools/environments. Often called as “Human Factors Engineering”, ergonomics promote a strong foundation in building guidelines and strategies in occupational health & safety in the workplace, whether physical-oriented or office-oriented. From strategy to evaluation, it has gained wide reputation and significance across all industries as part of meeting local and international regulations regarding occupational safety.

This 1-day program on ergonomics provides basic information and skills on identifying ergonomic problems in the workplace apart from having it at an awareness level. Going beyond learning, the program also provides case studies and technical information that drives participants to generate strategies achieving workplace comfort while at the same time, maintain or increase the level of productivity among all employees within the organization.


1 - Day Program

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Enable awareness to all participants the importance and significance of having an ergonomically safe workplace
  • Integrate ergonomic concepts into organizational decision-making strategies in terms of workplace health & safety
  • Assess and comply with all Ergonomics legislation, standards and codes
  • Identify areas of improvement across the majority of all physical activities in the workplace implying ergonomics

Target Audience

  • HR personnel
  • OHS management representative and/or staff
  • Risk managers
  • Facilities/ Process Engineers
  • Warehouse supervisors

Training Course Outline


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