SAS Management, Inc.: The first PeopleCert DevOps Accredited Training Organization in the Philippines

Planning to take up DevOps here in the Philippines? SAS Management, Inc. has THE expert solution for you. With offices in Makati and Cebu, we’ve got you covered!

SAS Management, Inc., Asia’s leading training and consulting company, is now the Philippines’ first PeopleCert DevOps Accredited Training Organization. Aside from DevOps Foundation Certification, we are also the only training organization offering DevOps Leader Certification in the Philippines which will be conducted by the country’s first DevOps Leadership accredited trainer.

DevOps is a culture or a practice to increase the organization’s productivity by collaborating all the stakeholders, with emphasis on the development and operations teams to work across an application lifecycle, achieving faster and effective results.

It improves efficiency through automation with DevOps tools, resulting to faster problem resolution. Since it involves the company culture, it increases team flexibility and agility while working collaboratively, thus, teams are more engaged and cohesive.

In designing, influencing, or implementing that DevOps cultural transformation, a DevOps Leader assumes this role. The DevOps Leader, either a tactical or strategic individual, influences others through changes in the development processes and technology, and gain competitive advantage in today’s markets.

The demand for DevOps qualification in global companies is increasing. Book a DevOps Foundation or DevOps Leader certification training in the Philippines today.  Call (02) 8654-5951 or (02) 7739-7466 in  Metro Manila, and (32) 416-0361 in Cebu. Visit our website for more information.


“DevOps branches are good for diversity. Adapt DevOps to your context or you might not survive.”

-Patrick Debois, DevOps guru