SAS Management, Inc. launches RESILIA™

SAS Management, Inc. has just expanded its operations and will have its first run of RESILIA™ Foundation on 23-25 August 2017. 

RESILIA™ is a series of training and certification aimed at Cyber Resilience or an organization’s ability to resist, respond and recover from cyber security attacks. It is based on the Cyber Resilience Best Practice Guide.

Organizations using the ITIL™ Framework will be able to easily integrate the concepts and apply the methods being used in RESILIA™.

RESILIA™ Foundation, the entry-level certification for RESILIA™, allows a professional knowledge in the key terms, best practices, benefits and effects of cyber resilience in an organization, and how to address cyber attacks accordingly. 

IT Professionals, Risk Officers, Business Analysts, members of the Human Resources group, Finance, Procurement, Operations, and Management will all benefit from gaining knowledge in this 3-day RESILIA™ Foundation course. Duties and roles may be assigned to other members of the organization. However, it is essential that anyone in the company who uses computers or gadgets containing company information has a background in RESILIA™.

Upon successfully achieving the RESILIA™ Foundation certificate through PeopleCert (on behalf of Axelos), the participant will earn twenty-one (21) Professional Development Units (PDU’s).

SAS Management, Inc. is one of the only two training partners who offer RESILIA™ certifications in the Philippines.

Sign up now for our 23-25 August 2017 RESILIA™ Foundation Certification at I’m Hotel. Call SAS Management, Inc at +63 (2) 654-5951, visit their website or Facebook page for more information.