SAS Management, Inc. joins forces with CompTIA as an Authorized Partner

SAS Management, Inc. joins forces with CompTIA as an Authorized Partner

SAS Management, Inc. joins forces with CompTIA as an Authorized Partner

SAS Management, Inc., Asia’s leading provider of comprehensive certification training and IT solutions, is excited to announce its new partnership with CompTIA as an Authorized Partner. This partnership further solidifies SAS Management’s commitment to delivering high-quality IT training and industry-recognized certifications to the global workforce.

CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, is renowned for its dedication to fostering IT education and training initiatives worldwide. Through this collaboration, SAS Management, Inc. aims to extend the reach of IT training, provide cutting-edge IT curriculum, and empower individuals with the skills necessary to excel in the dynamic technology landscape.  This partnership aligns seamlessly with SAS Management Inc’s mission to equip individuals with the knowledge and certifications that are essential for success in the modern IT industry. By leveraging CompTIA’s expertise and resources, SAS is confident in its ability to deliver top-notch training and certifications to our clients.


As an Authorized Partner, SAS Management, Inc. will collaborate closely with CompTIA to provide the following benefits:


  • Access to industry-leading IT curriculum and learning resources.
  • Opportunities to offer globally recognized CompTIA certifications to individuals and teams.
  • Participation in collaborative initiatives aimed at closing the tech skills gap on a global scale.
  • Networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities with other esteemed IT partners.


One of the flagship offerings is the CompTIA A+ certification preparation program, which empowers participants with fundamental IT skills required for entry-level IT jobs. This program covers a comprehensive range of topics, including hardware, software, troubleshooting, and operational procedures.


Moreover, SAS Management’s partnership with CompTIA also enables them to offer specialized training in cutting-edge areas such as CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+), CompTIA Security+, and CompTIA Cloud+. These certifications provide participants with a competitive edge in their career journey, enabling them to tackle real-world challenges with confidence.


SAS Management, Inc. is enthusiastic about the possibilities this partnership presents. By leveraging the collective strengths of SAS Management and CompTIA, both organizations are poised to make a significant impact on IT education and training, thus paving the way for a stronger and more capable global tech workforce.