Are you ready for Agile SHIFT?

SAS Management, Inc. will be conducting a run of Agile SHIFT in Makati this November 2017. 

In our ever-evolving, competitive world, change plays a big part. However, there are still many who struggle with change.

AXELOS, the custodians of ITIL and PRINCE2, has come up with a new framework of delivering transformational change which promotes lean and agile across the entire organization, from senior management to delivery teams, to marketing and sales. It is called Agile SHIFT.

Agile SHIFT is a framework for everyone in the company, not only those involved in the IT development. It removes the IT delivery focus from Agile and is easily accessible to any function or team across an organization. Those in the support teams (HR, marketing, sales, finance, operations, etc) will have to align in the transformational journey; otherwise, success is will be inconceivable. The unique framework of Agile SHIFT uses proven concepts and techniques, and will focus on changing the culture of the organization over implementing process and technology.

Agile SHIFT helps organizations work more efficiently and maximize early and ongoing delivery of value so they can survive the transition of business and society from tech-supported to tech-enabled and tech-centric.

Agile SHIFT will be conducted by Mr. Cameron Stewart, Head of PPM Product Development, AXELOS, via AXELOS Consulting Partner SAS Management, Inc. on 23-24 November 2017 at I’m Hotel, Makati. Call +63 (2) 949-3004 and +63 (2) 654-5951 or send an email to to inquire. Agile SHIFT is planned to launch in Q1 of 2018.