Program Overview

The course is designed to run for 21 hours (3 days at 7 hours each). The course is heavy on group work. Each group will be given cases and/or problems that they will be required to solve collectively using the tools and techniques discussed during the lectures. After each group work, the entire class will reflect on how each of the groups arrived to their decision, how they managed to collectively agreed despite different (and sometimes antagonistic) points of view.


3 - Day Program

Learning Objectives

Primary: By the end of the program, participants should be able to: (1) apply rational methods to analyze issues, and identify and solve problems; (2) properly assess the situation, classify and evaluate risks and consider potential opportunities to seemingly adverse events; and, (3) generate, qualify and quantify alternatives to solve problems.

Secondary: Participants will learn group facilitation techniques to effectively generate alternatives and ideas in solving problems.

Target Audience

Functional or Project Managers (of varying levels), or management trainees who are expected to solve business issues and whose decisions impact company goals and objectives are perfect candidates for this course.

Training Course Outline


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