ITIL Examination FAQs

Learning Outcome Number of Test Questions Approximate weighting
1.       Understand the key service concepts 5 12.5%
2.       Understand how the ITIL guiding principles can help an organization adopt and adapt service management 5 12.5%
3.       Understand the four dimensions of service management 2 5%
4.       Understand the purpose and components of the ITIL service value system 1 2.5%
5.       Understand the activities of the service value chain, and how they interconnect 4 10%
6.       Know the purpose and key terms of 18 ITIL practices 7 17.5%
7.       Understand the 7 ITIL practices 16 40%
Examination type Computer-based or paper-based multiple-choice questions
Number of questions: 40
Pass mark: 65%
Open book and/or notes: No
Electronic equipment and/or aides permitted: No
Time allotted for this examination: 60 min or 70 min depending on the native language

Download the ITIL4 Foundation Exam Specification here.
You may also download the PeopleCert’s Guidelines for Online Proctored Exams  here.

Starting February 1, 2022, all exams will only be online. There will be no paper-based exams anymore. Thus, exam vouchers will be issued.

Q: Do we have a mock exam?
A: Mock exams can be given but not the day of the exam itself. This is to avoid spending too much energy on the mock exam and being tired for the exam itself. SAS Management Inc., usually does practice questions by bits to ensure easier retention and quicker association of knowledge to the principles/topics.


Q: Are we, the participants from the recently-concluded batch, required to take the ITIL4 certification exam at the same time or can we take it separately?
A: You may take the exam separately. 

Q: How do we advise you regarding our exam?
A: Contact your Spartan POC  Please allow 48 hours for a reply or for the voucher to be sent to you.


Q: I am prepared to take the online exam. What do I do?
A: Please send an email to your Spartan POC to request for a web-based exam voucher. You will then receive an email from Peoplecert with the exam voucher code, link and guidelines on how to register, schedule and take the exam. You can choose the available time slot of web proctors using the online exam scheduler.
Please take note of the following additional information:
– Validity of the exam voucher is 1 year from the initial date of request/booking.
– Duration of the exam is 60 minutes (no extension)
– Exam is not open book


Q: What is the schedule of the web-proctored based exam? Is there a deadline on when we can take it?
A: You will have to check for available schedule from the Peoplecert portal using the online exam scheduler (Note: This will be available via the link you will receive from Peoplecert)
Please take note that the validity of the exam voucher is 1 year from the initial date of request/booking.


Q: I have received the email with the exam voucher code. What are the next steps in order for me to take the exam?
A: – Visit – Create your PeopleCert Account. If you already have one, please sign in. – Enter the Exam Code. – Follow the on-screen instructions, submit the required information and schedule your exam.


Q: What are the requirements for the online exam?

A: Requirements:

  • Photo ID (A valid Government issued ID that includes a photograph and date of birth in English characters, such as a National ID card, Passport, driving license, military card or social security card.) Read PeopleCert’s ID policy here.
  • A quiet room with sufficient light and a clean desk. No other persons are allowed to be present in the room. 
  • A single web camera you can rotate (embedded or external – no mobile phone).
  • Primary computer or laptop screen resolution 1024×768 or higher, at least 15”
  • Windows® 11, 10, 8.1, 8 / Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13),Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15), Big Sur (11) or Monterey (12)
  • Active Full-Time/Broadband internet connection of at least 4Mbps
  • Speakers and microphone
  • We advise you to save all your work and exit any open programs such as AnyDesk, Skype, MS Teams etc. that could disrupt your exam process

You may need to secure administrative approval from your IT department prior to installation of ExamShield on corporate devices


Q: Will the results show the correct answers for each question?
A: No. The result will only tell you whether you pass or fail. In 3 – 5 business days, you will receive an email including how you did per topic but it will not indicate the correct answers to each question.


Q: If I pass the exam, when will the certificate be available?
A: The e-certificate will be available in 3-5 business days after passing the exam.


Q: Is there a retake?
A: Yes, but an exam fee will have to be settled before retaking the exam.


Q: How much time do I have to take the exam from the time of the training?
A:  For online proctored-based exam, once a voucher is released, it will be valid for one year.


Q: Any pointers or tips for the exam?
A: Do not memorize the content of the training or any materials. Some questions may have different structures but ask about the same principles and best practices and memorizing may lead to confusion. Also, before taking the exam, make sure you are fully rested and stress-free. Relax, and enjoy the exam!


To inquire online about our award-winning training, please complete the form and SAS Management representative will contact you.

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