ITIL 4 Exam Registration

Go to and click on “Candidate Registration”:


Click on “Candidate Registration”:


Fill out the form:


Enter your exam booking ID and click “Confirm”:


Fill out the form to complete your profile and click on “Submit”


Upon clicking on “Submit”, make sure you confirm your exam by clicking on the button:



Once you are successfully registered, go to  the “Overview” tab to check the details.
You are now successfully registered to your ITIL4 Foundation exam.


Reminders during the paper-based exam: 

  • Please wear your mask.
  • No Phones, laptops, papers, training manuals on the table during the duration of the exam
  • Use pencils only provided by the invigilator
  • Shade the answer sheet properly
  • Please observe silence
  • Please remain seated until exam time is finished.


For questions, please send an email to