What is the GamifiedLearning Series?

The GLSisanalternative learning method which incorporates game-based courseware design to produce serious business games that breathe new life to traditional courses.

Why take these courses?

  • Better learning retention
  • Adult Based Learning (Andragogic and not Pedagogic)
  • Its way better than looking at a gazillion slides
  • Absolutely fun and highly interactive

Program Overview

Project Management is best learned when experienced. This course, which is a part of the Gamified Learning Series(GLS) of SAS Management, Inc., immerses the participant in the world of project management thru role playing and simulation of a complete project from initiation up to closure. Understand requirements, prioritize tasks, manage risks and issues, control budgets, and manage multiple stakeholders in this fun and collaborative course.


1 - Day Program

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Translate Project Management theory into practical applications
  • Create a project or ganization with defined roles and responsibilities
  • Analyze project risks and develop counter measures
  • Describe the role of the team leader and how work packages are monitored
  • Monitor the budget, scope, schedule, and quality of a project or subproject
  • Demonstrate knowledge in resolving project issues
  • Demonstrate knowledge in managing changes in aproject
  • Present project status to the project board
  • Describe knowledge, skills, and attitude needed by a project manager

Target Audience

  • Novice Project Managers regardless of Industry or Background
  • TeamLeaders
  • MembersoftheProjectManagementOffice (PMO)
  • RiskManagers involved in Projects
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Business Analysts / Requirements Managers
  • Sr.Managers/ProjectSponsors


Basicknowledge of project management concepts suggested but not required.

Training Course Outline


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