What is the GamifiedLearning Series?

The GLS is an alternative learning method which incorporates game-based courseware design to produce serious business games that breathe new life to traditional courses.

Why take these courses?

  • Better learning retention
  • Adult Based Learning (Andragogic and not Pedagogic)
  • Its way better than looking at a gazillion slides
  • Absolutely fun and highly interactive

Program Overview

Apply the concepts of IT Service Management using ITIL v3 by simulating the real life incidents of the Apollo 13 mission. This course, which is part of the GamifiedLearning Series(GLS) of SAS Management, makes you a part of the NASA Mission Control, and brings you all the phases of the famous mission from Build & Launch to Re-entry into Earth.

Learn ITIL in the most engaging way possible.


1 - Day Program

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of ITIL in creating IT Service Management capabilities
  • Describe how IT Service Management capabilities help deliver business value
  • Translate business demands into service solutions
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Continual Improvement approach for identifying and removing risks and weaknesses
  • Describe how People, Process, Products, and Partners integrate to deliver value
  • Describe how good management tooling will help manage and control the work flow more effectively and efficiently and support knowledge capture and sharing
  • Describe the interdependency of processes
  • Describe the importance of having clearly defined, agreed, understood, and embedded tasks, roles, responsibilities, and accountability

Target Audience

  • IT Managers and professional
  • IT Professionals requiring additional knowledge in ITIL
  • IT Professionals who would like to experience an application of concepts of IT Service Management
  • Process Managers and Engineers

Training Course Outline


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