Program Overview

Thinking critically is more about imparting a set of skills and habits than about teaching bits of theory, while at the same time aimed at decisions about what to do. As industry practitioners and business professionals, this practice is helpful in establishing sound basis for problem solving and decision making. Of the best practices that can be applied in this practice, associational thinking is the way the brain processes information through integrating patterns, seeing contextual relationships, connecting seemingly unrelated events, and three-dimensional mental modelling. Characterized by the brain’s rapid, fluid, cross-disciplinary ability to select and apply the appropriate thinking combination to the situation.

Particular for risk management practitioners, risk evaluation will require critical thinking to weigh on those which needs to be prioritized based on the company’s strategic, tactical and operational goals.

This two-day training features activities and discussion topics to prompt and encourage reflection on thinking and reasoning, while grasping the fundamentals and theories of critical and structured thinking.


2 - Day Program

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Appreciate the governing concepts on critical thinking
  • Have a review on problem solving- its concepts and techniques
  • Apply critical thinking skills in their respective scope of work through self-rationalization, proactive approach to problems, make sound decisions and construct logical arguments
  • Appreciate the practice of Structured critical thinking with associational thinking techniques
  • Harness the individual’s creative process with the in-step application of the technique and diversification of thoughts
  • Practice the thought process (Associational thinking) in business applications

Training Course Outline


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