Coming soon: ISO 31000:2018

In any kind of business or process, there are risks. In the fast-paced world we are living in, risks are always a challenge.

It’s no doubt, standardized risk management guidelines in ISO 31000 are necessary for any organization. Regardless of size, type, location, and activities, ISO 31000 develops a risk management strategy to identify and mitigate risks to improve governance and overall performance of the organization.

First released in 2009, ISO 31000 takes into account the different changes organizations face. Now, in 2018, the increase in the complexity of economic systems and the boom of cryptocurrency have been incorporated in the risks any organization can face. It also places emphasis on senior management, and features other related principles such as continual improvement, inclusion of stakeholders, and human and cultural factors.

ISO 31000 is not meant for certification purposes. Instead, it serves as a set of guidelines, not requirements.

ISO 31000 is being offered by SAS Management, Inc. as ISO 31000:2009 for many years now. Things are about to change.

This March 2018, we will launch ISO 31000:2018 in the Philippines.

Stay tuned and watch out for this exclusive event!