Program Overview

Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change in the enterprise. Its scope encompasses not just a project, but even before a project begins and long after it is implemented. The role of the Business Analyst is therefore more significant than ever. Many projects have failed because requirements were not properly managed and solutions are not properly evaluated.

This 4-day course prepares the participant to take on the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)® Certification Exam and satisfies the 35 hours of education needed to apply for the exam. It is based on the A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge ® (BABOK ® Guide) version 3.0 and covers all the basic concepts, knowledge areas, tasks, and techniques used in performing the business analysis role. This course is also highly activity based – ensuring better retention of key concepts – making the participant a better Business Analysis Practitioner.


4 - Day Program

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the purpose and value of each of the knowledge areas of Business Analysis and how they related to one another
  • Describe the key concepts of Business Analysis such as the Business Analysis Core Concept Model, key terminologies, requirements classification schema, stakeholders, and the relationship with requirements and design
  • Describe the tasks and techniques used in Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  • Describe the tasks and techniques used in Elicitation and Collaboration
  • Describe the tasks and techniques used in Requirements Life Cycle Management
  • Describe the tasks and techniques used in Strategy Analysis
  • Describe the tasks and techniques used in Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
  • Describe the tasks and techniques used in Solution Evaluation
  • Describe the Underlying Competencies needed in performing Business Analysis
  • Apply some of the techniques in Business Analysis that were taught in the course to the workplace

Target Audience

  • Business Analyst, Systems Analysts, Technical Analysts, Process Analysts, Data Analysts
  • Solution Architects, Enterprise Architects, Software Architects
  • Management Consultants, Business Consultants
  • Requirements Engineers, Requirements Managers
  • Project Managers, Product Managers, Product Owners
  • Anyone who would like to prepare for the CBAP Certification Exam

Training Course Outline


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