Supervisory Skills Development

Date(s) - Jan 20,2022 - Jan 21,2022
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

SAS Management, Inc. Virtual Classrooms, Makati, Philippines - Anywhere using Zoom


Transitioning from a non-leadership position to a leadership role is a daunting task for most people.
The first few months in their new role is a period of acclimatization, under heavy scrutiny and with
almost unrealistic expectations on outcomes. If they successfully make it through this transition phase,
they are then given the long-term assignment of managing other employees’ performances and
output, along with delivering on their own, and are in a constant state of balancing their direct reports’
professional needs with the organization’s strategic objectives.

It goes without saying that without the proper development initiatives, many talented supervisors
with solid work ethic and true potential can fall by the wayside, victims of a lack of overall guidance
and skill enhancement. We at SAS Management do not wish to set up such talented individuals for

The Supervisory Skills Development Training Course will provide your first-level operational
leadership staff with the mindset, tools and techniques to accelerate your supervisors’ learning curve,
make them considerably more effective at what they do and ultimately achieve their primary purpose:
to make every employee reporting to them better.


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