Return on Investment in Training

Date(s) - Aug 16,2018 - Aug 17,2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Online via Zoom, from the Philippines - Makati
Online via Zoom, from the Philippines


ROI in training course is designed to facilitate the process and a means of measuring the success of a training program. Unlike other expenses, training costs represent an investment by the firm in their employees. As with any other investment, a commitment to training is directly related to the expected returns from the money invested. Assessing the value of these returns has been the subject of a large body of national and international research. Almost unanimously, studies have concluded that enterprises are interested in training as a means of securing improved workplace performance and greater profitability. Measuring these benefits, and relating them to the costs of training in a way that reveals the rate of return on a firm’s training outlay (investment in human resource development), is not yet widespread among many companies. Many firms may both be aware of the significant increase in their bottom line that could occur if they were to identify and pursue the highly profitable training opportunities. Measurement of training ROI starts with defining the reasons and goals for the training determining how much the training costs and verifying the amount of return. Although the decisions of whether to axe or go ahead with training is also dependent upon external factors this course will make that decision process much easier as it will help to clarify the end goal that the organization hopes to achieve much easier as it will help to clarify the end goal that the organization hopes to achieve.

Duration 1- Day Program

Learning Objectives
At the end of this training, participants should be able to understand:
• Improve the credibility of the training function by quantifying training’s worth to the organization.
• Better manage training costs and make more cost-effective decisions regarding training expenditures.
• Plan a successful strategy for implementing evaluation strategies and techniques in your organization.
• Increase training benefits by focusing more on achieving results which have worth to the organization.
• Develop effective strategies for overcoming common barriers to successful Tracking implementation.
• Collaborate with key managers during strategic points in the training and evaluation process to ensure their support and increase the likelihood of achieving desired results.
• Improve the credibility and power of the training function by becoming PROFIT instead of COST centered.

Target Audience
Training Officers, Supervisors and Managers or any professional, decision makers involved in evaluating training functions in the organization.

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