Problem Analysis and Decision Making

Date(s) - Feb 20,2020 - Feb 21,2020
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

City Garden Grand Hotel, Makati City - 8008 Makati Ave. cor. Kalayaan Avenue,


Program Overview

In every organization, there is a very real need for the appropriate evaluation of circumstances
to make the correct business decisions. Enterprises now require a more intellectual approach to
resolving problems and prefer a structured and calculated methodology to data analysis in order
to drive the most favorable outcomes for the organization. The utilization of established analysis
methodologies in weighing factors can aid in effective issue resolution, quantitative opportunity
and risk assessment, and sound decision making – the foundations of SAS Management, Inc.’s
Problem Analysis and Decision-Making training module
This training module seeks to develop the participants’ understanding of the principles of analysis
tools, enhance their ability to create appropriate evaluation of opportunity and uncertainties, and
strengthen their decision-making capabilities. Empowering employees with the ability to both
effectively analyze problems and make fundamentally sound decisions is a key approach to
employee development and core competency augmentation, bringing more value to your


Two Days, preferably consecutive

Learning Objectives

At the end of the training course, participants will be expected to:
• Define and Understand the concept of Problem Analysis and Decision Making
• Learn the SAPADAPPA/POA phases of PADM
• Enhance knowledge on the key thought processes involved in PADM
• Understand the procedural methodology of Situational Analysis
• Establish and consolidate the various external factors involved in Situational Analysis
• Understand the Procedural Methodology behind Problem Analysis and Decision
• Explore various Root Cause Analysis methods and tools to determine underlying
causes behind existing problems
• Learn how to select decision making criteria and construct alternative and risk scoring
• Learn how to construct both a Problem and a Decision Statement
• Understand the Procedural Methodology behind Potential Problem and Potential
Opportunity Analysis
• Learn how to utilize risk management approaches to leverage opportunities and
reduce negative risk
• Properly construct and populate documents to outline PPA and POA
• Practice all concepts learned through a Workshop

Target Audience

The training course is constructed to be most beneficial for organizational leaders who are
routinely faced with the accountability and responsibility of making sound business decisions
on behalf of the organization:

• Various Levels of Leadership in the Organization:

o Operational Leadership
o Tactical Leadership
o Strategic Leadership

• Individual contributors overseeing specific teams
• Project Leaders and Managers
• Department and Committee Heads
• Procurement and Distribution Managers and Staff



Program Structure and Outline

The training outline is as follows:
• Introduction to Problem Analysis and Decision Making
o Definition of PADM
o Objectives and Purpose of PADM
o Common Pitfalls in PADM
o The Five Phases of PADM (SAPADAPPA/POA)

▪ Situation Analysis
▪ Problem Analysis
▪ Decision Analysis
▪ Potential Problem Analysis
▪ Potential Opportunity Analysis
o Thought Processes in PADM

• Situation Analysis
o Tools for Situation Analysis

▪ PESTLIED Analysis
▪ SWOT Analysis
▪ Porter’s Five Forces
▪ 5 C Analysis
o Situation Analysis Workshop

• Problem Analysis
o Definition, Objectives and Benefits
o Symptoms vs. Problems
o Tools for Problem Analysis

▪ Five Whys Analysis
▪ Cause-and-Effect Diagram (Ishikawa or Fishbone)
▪ Brainstorming
▪ K/T Is/Is Not Analysis
▪ Pareto Chart
o The Problem Statement
o Problem Analysis Workshop

• Decision Analysis
o Definition, Objectives and Benefits
o Decision Making Criteria, Scoring and Risk
o The Decision Statement
o Decision Analysis Workshop

• Potential Problem Analysis
o Definition, Objectives and Benefits
o The Probability-Impact Grid
o Preventive and Contingent Action Plans

• Potential Opportunity Analysis
o Definition, Objectives and Benefits
o POA Procedural Flow
o PPA/POA Workshop


Download the Course Outline: TCO – Problem Analysis and Decision Making 2020

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