Operational Leadership (February 10-11, 2022)

Date(s) - Feb 10,2022 - Feb 11,2022
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

SAS Management, Inc. Virtual Classrooms, Makati, Philippines - Anywhere using Zoom


In spite the ongoing shift of the global market’s focus to automation and Artificial Intelligence, the life
blood of all companies, regardless of sector or industry, remains its workforce. We understand the
fundamental truth that the cogs drive the machine and will continue to do so for the foreseeable
future. In line with this, we also learn to value the role that our employees, particularly our production
and frontline staff, play in our organization’s drive to achieve its organizational goals. These precious
resources require effective leadership and management in order to continue functioning at a high
level. To achieve this, organizations invest heavily in leadership figures to provide a guiding hand to
align employee output with their goals.
SAS Management, Inc. has developed this Operational Leadership Training Course to hone the core
skills and develop the knowledge of the leaders in your organization tasked with managing your
frontline and production staff. In our never-ending quest to bring value to our clients, the training
syllabus we’ve constructed aims to properly equip your operational leadership team with the know how and ability to drive the performance of your workforce in line with your organization’s goals and
inspire them to achieve results aligned with the best interests of your stakeholders.

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