Effective Business Communication (February 17-18, 2022)

Date(s) - Feb 17,2022 - Feb 18,2022
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

SAS Management, Inc. Virtual Classrooms, Makati, Philippines - Anywhere using Zoom


In the current business world, companies are expanding operations into new geographical locations,
globalization is shrinking the world, and the disruptive nature of new industries are creating new
markets altogether. In this continuously evolving environment, the need for effective communication
practices is more important that had ever been in the past. Given the dynamic nature of business, we
cannot overstate the importance of a sound understanding of proper protocol and etiquette for both
internal and external communication. Whether you’re reporting the progress of a new internal cost cutting initiative to your organization’s senior leadership, or discussing a procedural change in the
invoicing process to an existing client, or simply sending an email to your colleague reminding him to
pick up his mail from the mailroom, the fact remains that all forms of communication must be concise,
correct and compliant to established business standards.
As with most Skills Development Courses, the successful achievement of Effective Business
Communication training’s desired outcomes is best achieved through practical application and

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