Data Analytics Fundamentals

Date(s) - Dec 02,2019 - Dec 03,2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Online via Zoom, from the Philippines - Makati
Online via Zoom, from the Philippines


Program Overview

Statistics and Data Analytics feature a range of procedures for gathering, organizing, analyzing and presenting quantitative data. It is, by essence, a scientific approach to analyzing qualitative and quantitative data in order to enable enterprises to reasonably evaluate and make strategic decision. Such concept would mean that it helps us turn data into useful information for the recipient to provide strategic output.

This 2-day training is patterned after two methodologies that are popular in the context of both industry and research practices- data assessment process, which consists of the practice of identification, analysis and evaluation of data; while the other practice is the scientific method of research, which can be summarized into data collection, summarizing data, analysis and evaluation.



2-day program

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  •  Recognize the value of Data analytics to businesses
  • Gather, process and report data for use in analysis or reports
  • Appreciate techniques in creating reports, dashboards and visualizations to understand business performance


Target Audience

  • Professionals in the field of business development
  • Business Analysts who are interested in the field of data analytics
  • Interested practitioners/specialists (Analysts, Engineers and Section Heads)

Program Structure and Outline

This course is a combination of instructor-led lectures and group activities.

  •  The Importance of Data analytic
  • The different types of data analytics
  • Analytics: terminology, types and life cycle
  •  Common mistakes in analytical thinking
  •  Syndicating Data
  •  Data Exploration
  •  Data Preparation
  •  Data Analysis
  •  Data visualization
  •  Understanding the audience
  •  Making a story from data
  •  An overview of visualization software programs

Download the course outline here.

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