Complaints Management

Date(s) - Feb 26,2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Online via Zoom, from the Philippines - Makati
Online via Zoom, from the Philippines


Complaints management training program aims to improve the complaint handling process within your company and to make customer service staff more confident and effective at managing customer complaints. This 1-day course is to equip your personnel to effectively manage complaints as part of your company’s effort to improve customer service and increase customer advocacy. In return for this training, we will deliver employees who focus on the benefits of proper complaint handling at the frontline particularly at the moment of truth where your team can put things right, and increase customer loyalty, advocacy and retention while reducing cost. This course can be customized for organizations depending on staff and content requirements. It applies to both frontline, internal support and contact center environments and is designed equally for staff with little experience or those requiring refresher customer service training.

Duration 1 – Day Program

Learning Objectives
At the end of this training, participants will be able to:
• Learn the Nature of Complaints
• Learn and understand the different types of complaints.
• Identify the different types of complainers and learn how to communicate with them.
• Explain the process for documenting complaints and giving feedback
• Describe ways to resolve complaints using the LAST sequence
• Describe ways to build customer loyalty through effective complaint handling
• Gain confidence when face with a difficult situation
• Convert a complain into a positive customer experience
• Learn the Best Practices for Complaint Management
• Learn how to manage customer expectations when they complain

Target Audience
Frontliners, Staff and supervisors managing client relations. This is also open for those who are new to the function or have not had the benefit of formal training in managing complaints and feel the need to improve in customer service management.

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