Business Phone Etiquette ( January 31, 2022)

Date(s) - Jan 31,2022
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

SAS Management, Inc. Virtual Classrooms, Makati, Philippines - Anywhere using Zoom


Today’s ultra-competitive market leaves very little space for error in terms of how we manage our
customers. The rapidly evolving discipline of customer service has introduced new ideas, strategies,
methods and concepts to fuel many an organization’s drive for a world-class customer experience.
However, sometimes, it pays to get back to the basics: a polite, helpful discussion with your customers
can often mean so much more than any groundbreaking psychological techniques when interacting
with your client base.
This training course will provide its target audience with the skill set and knowledge required to develop
their interpersonal skills while interacting with your customers over the phone with a focus on achieving
client satisfaction through a customer centric approach. Our Business Phone Etiquette program will
seek to educate its audience on how to effectively and confidently handle calls, build rapport and
establish an emotional connection with your end customers to not only fuel a favorable customer
experience, but also to potentially open new business opportunities and expand your client base.

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