Program Overview

Ensuring continuity to business activities whether in normal or disruptive scenarios assure stakeholders and business shareholders of a continued service and value to its investments. In an organizational context, this promotes employee welfare and protection of its assets at any given time. This level of resilience, while significantly valuable to the organization and its stakeholders, will require a systematic and sustainable management level approach that integrates to its processes, services and more importantly, its culture.

This -day awareness course on the fundamentals and requirements of ISO 22301 is based on global practices in establishing and implementing Business Continuity Management System, which is updated to the latest developments and trends in the field. While it serves its purpose of providing an appreciation to the management system, it is also designed to enable participants a practice on the fundamental ideas that can be used to further examine the company's process and its resiliency programs.


2 - Day Program

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the concept of Business continuity and its value to the organization
  • Have a grasp on the fundamental concepts and elements of the BCMS in line with ISO 22301:2012 and well-known global best practices
  • Practice known and required techniques that are important and required for completing the stages in the BCM lifecycle and in meeting requirements for ISO certification
  • Acquire (strategic) ideas in embedding BCM within the organization's culture

Target Audience

  • C-Level executives/ Top managers
  • Facilities managers
  • Business Processes Managers/ Specialists
  • Supply chain managers/ Specialists
  • Risk Management Practitioners
  • Interested professionals

Training Course Outline


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